75 Ways To Promote Your Next Recipe Post


Welcome to “75 ways to promote your next food recipe post”.

Picture the scene. You’ve spent your time creating your recipe, getting the graphics perfect and proof reading it yet again. Then you finally hit the publish button.

Everything is done now and you can’t believe how long it has taken you to do one recipe. Then you share it on social media and maybe get a few social media shares. Or in the perfect world some food guru will share it with their millions of social media followers and you’ll become a household name.

Well when you’ve finished dreaming you need to return to reality and realise that in order for your blog to build up the traffic, then you need to put a little extra effort in. Of course we don’t have the time to do 75 different things with every recipe you publish, as there is just not enough hours in the day. But I recommend that you choose one recipe (the one you’re most proud of) and follow my plan of action below.

You’d be amazed by the traffic you can get from doing this and if you have the time to do it for more than one post a month, then I recommend that you do.

I also recommend that for every blog post that you follow our top food blog post promotion list as that way you are giving a little extra to each post.

You can also print out this list or download the PDF at the end of this post, that way you can refer back to it whenever you need it!

Food Blogging Promotion #1-5 – Share Your Blog Post On Social Media

The first thing we do when we put a blog post out there is share it to our social media channels.

These include:

This then kickstarts the social media sharing.

Food Blogging Promotion #6-11– Share your blog posts to social bookmarking sites

Some people make the big mistake of paying for social bookmarking gigs on Fiverr. This is a mistake and please DON’T DO IT. What this is like is spamming as they are mass sharing your recipe link to a load of places that are not relevant. I have seen a lot of these gigs include Russian sites that nobody has even heard of!

Instead what you need to be doing is concentrating on a few good quality ones and sharing your recipe post with them.

We share our food blog posts to:

Food Blogging Promotion #12 & 13 – Share your recipe posts to photo sharing sites

Now this is just like social bookmarking but for food bloggers! Basically they are image sites and you share every image from each post on them. So if you have a how to post showing five different stages of cooking, then you would share all five pictures on your blog.

The two channels we use for this are:

Food Blogging Promotion #14-19 – Share your recipe on food sharing sites

Did I mention that there are a LOT of food sharing sites out there and that they are perfect for quickly growing the traffic numbers of a food blog?

Well they are and you should!

Some food sharing sites are stricter than others so it does depend on the image as to whether or not it will be approved. The ones we use are listed below but there are many others out there too.

These are our favourites:

Food Blogging Promotion #20 – Share your post on Reddit

Reddit is totally untapped and is like a food blogging forum. You interact with the Reddit community and then they will interact and share your content.

Invest a reasonable amount of time into Reddit and then you can look at building your traffic up quickly with them. Join some good communities within Reddit and then from this you can see where you can get the most traffic and where your time needs to be spent.

Food Blogging Promotion #21-23 – Social Media Groups

Social media groups are your goldmine. When you’re a newbie to food blogging I don’t think you realise how well these can work for you. Basically it makes social media sharing feel like you have thousands of followers, this then gives you a head start and gets you a lot of social shares.

There are social media groups available for Pinterest, Google Plus & Facebook. They are all different but the end goal is to be on as many relevant groups as you can and then share your content to each of these communities.

Pinterest Groups

Pinterest Groups are probably the best for a recipe. It is all about everything visual and there is nothing more visual than someone posting a picture of chocolate brownies or a juicy burger. You just want to eat it there and then and as a result you will instantly share.

With Pinterest Groups it is easy to get approved on loads of them and there is thousands of recipe ones to choose from. Plus they often come with big followings. I am on a lot of Pinterest Groups already (not bad for the second month of blogging) and I know that when I have something relevant my virtual assistant will share them for me.

The more people that are sharing your pins the more your name is getting out there. And don’t just think it is for newbies as established food bloggers follow this route.

Looking at my own Pinterest account (at the time of writing this) I have a total of 49 boards and 11 of them are my own and the rest are all group boards.

I also believe this is where a big portion of my followers have come from.

recipe this on pinterest

To get on groups there are many ways to do it. But our personal favourite is to look at a few groups and then check out the regular pinners. Then check out their boards as the likelihood is that they will be on a lot of groups. And then go through their groups they are members of. You know that they have approved those people for group submissions and with your content being similar then you’re perfect for it!

When you join groups you often have to comment on a pin but if you apply to about ten groups a day, you’ll soon be on several groups.

Google Plus Groups

Now this is nice and easy and these are called “Google Plus Communities”. Basically you search for communities, join them and then share your content. Many of them don’t require approval so you can have a whole range of communities to add content to on a daily basis.

Facebook Groups

In my mind these are the hardest but they can lead to a lot of Facebook sharing which lets face it we all want!

The reason it can be so hard is because it can take absolutely ages looking for relevant groups and often you will put in a keyword and it will only bring you ten results.

I adopt the same rule as Pinterest. Find someone that posts to a group you’ve joined and then look through their personal profile to see what other groups they belong to. This can then speed up the process.

Also with Facebook they don’t like mass sharing so aim to post your recipe to a max of 10 groups per day otherwise they will suspend you!

Food Blogging Promotion #24 – Post it to the top of Twitter

Many people don’t know you can do this. But if you go on Twitter you’ll find that you can pin a tweet to the top.

For example right now we pin our latest recipes for November to the top of ours:

screenshot of our pinned to the top of twitter

Then if you change your promotion you can simply replace it with something else.

Food Blogging Promotion #25 – Post it to the top of Facebook

Then do the same thing for Facebook. With Facebook people will normally land of your timeline so this will become the first thing that they see.

Plus like with Twitter, once you have a new blog post you want to promote you can simply replace it.

screenshot of our top pinned post on Facebook

Food Blogging Promotion #26 & 27 – Send out An Email To Your Subscribers

Your subscribers are another goldmine. They trust and believe in you and want to know more about the content as you publish it.

Plus when you share a link of yours with them, they are more likely to share it with their social media channels and can really kick start the sharing process.

Put together a good title and then introduce the recipe, then end with a link to visit the recipe. And it never hurts to ask them to share it on social media.

Then five days later, write another email follow up with a different title and a different first paragraph and send it out to those that didn’t open the first email. This is very good for getting those that didn’t open the first email to now go and open your email and visit your post.

Food Blogging Promotion #28-30 – Viral Content Buzz

I actually use Viral Content Buzz for all my blog posts but you could just use it for your recipes. Basically you share people’s content on your social media channels, they then do the same for you and it helps build up retweets, pins, shares for your content.

Then do the same thing again on the following sites:

Food Blogging Promotion #31-36 – Social Media Repost

It is important that you set up a range of social media promotions as things should not start and end with one social media update.

The best way to do it is to use a social media management site like Hootsuite and then you can schedule a variety of social media updates.

Once you have published your initial post you need to be looking at the following extra updates:

Ask For A Retweet – This is very simple but it works. You would post an update as usual for Twitter but end it with “please RT” and you’ll be amazed by how many people will!

Post a tweet with your link in the middle – When the link is not at the end people are more likely to click through to your post

#repost – is a popular hashtag and when you post with it you will show up in the search engines and on the social search areas. It works particularly well and gets peoples attention.

@ people – If you’ve mentioned someone in your content, then @ them and they will often retweet. If this is someone that is popular then you can expect to see some good social sharing for this, plus people will have seen your content if the person is popular.

Thank anyone that retweets – If someone retweets or shares your content remember to thank them. Not only are you getting your tweet mentioned again but by thanking them they are more likely to share future content.

Use popular hashtags – It is also important that you use popular niche specific hashtags. This will then mean that you will show up when people are searching Twitter and your content will appear outside of your followers.

10 Follow Up Tweets – Including the above types of updates please make sure that you have a total of 10 follow up tweets. Aim for 3 a day over a 30 day period so that you are keeping your content in front of peoples minds and this will give you the best chances of getting lots of social shares.

Food Blogging Promotion #37 – Click To Tweet

Click to tweet is brilliant and it only takes a minute to set it up in your blog posts. Basically when someone views your post they will see a click to tweet graphic and then they can easily tweet about your recipe to their followers. Many readers like it because it is a great way for them to save the recipe for later.

You like it because you’re getting extra tweets and you can also choose the title. They can change it if they wish, but most wont. So remember to stick some hashtags in it.

Here is one of ours in action:

click to tweet in post example

Food Blogging Promotion #38 – Blog Outreach

One of the best ways to send a blog post viral is via blog outreach. In fact you could do just this on a blog post and go on to increase your blog traffic by 300%.

The best way to do it is to link out to other bloggers or ask to feature one of their recipes on your blog. Everyone wants their own sites promoted so will gladly accept and the majority will go on to share your content.

If it is a single recipe you could link out to a blogger and say they were your inspiration and thank them for the post. You could end a blog post with a link to their content as a call of action, or you could create a list post where they are mentioned along with other bloggers.

For us we have done three posts now where we link out to other blogs in a round up post. Our first was our Ultimate Guide To Butternut Squash . After the main content and before the end infographic it included details of ten popular posts with butternut squash.

Firstly I messaged the people I wanted to include in the recipes section:

 Hello xxxx,

I’m Sarah and work at RecipeThis.com.

It is a new site launching this month by experienced diet bloggers/internet marketers targeting the use of amazing home cooked family food.

Each month we plan to do a feature where we highlight a type of food and also share the best recipes online.

For November we are working with butternut squash and we would like to feature your recipe.

We would like to share your photo of your recipe along with a link back to the recipe post.

We also intend (with the site being brand new) to pay for social media advertising and bing ads so that it gets read and shared and plan to use this as our launch blog post.

Please let me know if this is okay and then we can get the post published.

Best regards


Content Management


Above is the exact message that my virtual assistant sent out except for the XXXX that she changed depending on who she was emailing.

Then we published the post with their recipe image and a link back to their site. We then messaged them again to let them know the content was live. We also asked them for blanket approval for future posts. This meant that we could do this again in the future without having to ask their permission.

Then a day later I checked my stats and this is how it looked:

social shares after blog outreach

Of course this is after day 1 and I expect these figures to grow.

Food Blogging Promotion #39 & 40 – Gentlemint.com

Gentlemint.com is the male version of Pinterest. It is very good for social sharing and you can get great results. Simply treat it like you do with Pinterest and share your content on here.

Then do the same thing again for Weheartit.com.

Food Blogging Promotion #41-53 – Recycled Content

Recycling your content is a fantastic way to spread the word about your blog. It gets your content beyond your website and can lead to a lot of traffic coming in and also a great opportunity to build your brand.

There are several ways to do it and below are our favourites:

Slide Share – Slide share is a place to submit powerpoint presentations. You can use it to create a teaser for your blog post and encourage people to visit your blog. We do it for every recipe that we publish on RecipeThis.com and it is a fantastic way to spread the word.

Here is a preview of our account and our slides:

slideshare.net account profile for recipe this

Create a PDF – Now this is a fantastic way of doing things. You create a content upgrade for your readers so that when they read the post, they’re offered the chance to save it as a PDF. That way if they want it away from the internet they can, or if they want to have it to download to their kindle then they can do that too!

We have just added a PDF download section to our recipes and this has resulted in an extra 6% of readers subscribing.

You can see it below:

screenshot showing content upgrade on recipe blogs

Then when you’re done submit it to the major free ebook distribution channels. The ones that we use are:

Paid Ebooks – Then if you have a theme of food you could turn it into a recipe ebook (with other blog content) and create a Kindle ebook. For example you could match up all your soups, have a sweet potato recipe ebook or even have one about cheesecake. Depending on the content you have on your blog, I am sure you could come up with something worthwhile.

Then when you’ve done that you can publish it to Kindle and Draft2Digital and then you’re not only spreading the word about your blog, but making a passive income along the way.

Create a video – This is something that a lot of people are still missing out on and failing to do. There is plenty of software out there now that will change your blog post into a video that shows text.

You Tube is incredible with SEO and by doing a video you can help your SEO positions and use it to build your traffic.

Or if you are good on camera you could create the recipe in a video format and put the video on your recipe post.

Create specific social media graphics – Specific social media graphics are great because you can tailor them towards where you want your social media traffic to come from.

For example on each of our recipe posts we have a bottom image on our posts that is perfect for social media sharing. It includes our website url, ingredients list, title of the recipe and the recipe image.

Here is an example of one of them:

recipe image ready for pinterest marketing

Then we have a further recipe image at the top but this one above is the one we share on social media. That is because it is more appropriate and then leads to more shares.

Create an infographic – Using the content from your text from your recipe post, turn it into an infographic. You could make the recipe into a how to infographic, specifics about the food used in the recipe.

Create a podcast – Podcasts are all the rage and you should give one serious consideration. On one of my other sites I decided to try Podcasting and I was amazed by the results. Plus I didn’t think the Podcast was that great – yet it still got thousands and thousands of downloads.

Plus with food bloggers all concentrating on video, podcasting is an untapped market!

Then when you’ve created your Podcast and shared it on Itunes don’t forget about these other channels:

Food Blogging Promotion #54-56 – Social Media Ads

If you want to get the attention to one of your blog posts then you can’t beat social media ads. Basically you’re driving a truck load of traffic to your blog posts. This can then result in a fantastic selection of social shares, new social media followers and so much more.

There are a lot to choose from and below are the ones I would recommend you try out:

Reddit Ads – Reddit ads are not used that much because people are just not that aware of them. People go with the norm and Reddit are just only used by a few. This means that you are going to get a good price and wont have a shedload of competition to fight off. They also charge just $0.75 per 1000 impressions so your money can go further than you would think.

But because it is based on “per impression” it is important that you have a good quality advert for people to want to click through to you.

Stumbleupon Ads – Stumbleupon Ads cost $25 but because stumbleupon content often goes viral, the traffic can go a long way and really explode. It works out at a rate of $0.10 a click but with the chances of going viral you can often end up paying $0.01 a click.

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads are rather famous so they don’t really need a big introduction.

You can base your ads upon other peoples pages. That means that if someone likes a page that you have chosen, your ad will be put in front of them. You can also choose lots of demographics too meaning that you show in front of people that are really related to your topic.

So for example if you have a Paleo food blog you could target the likes of all the Paleo pages and then also target a specific age range or sex.

 Just like if your recipe you are promoting is a vegetarian one then you could target readers of vegetarian blogs.

Food Blogging Promotion #57 – Bing Ads

I must admit to being totally in love with Bing Ads and the reason……website visitors for $0.05 per click. You would never be able to access quality traffic from anywhere else like you can from Bing.

What I do is set up a campaign for each recipe. I will target specific keywords to do with my recipe and then run the ad until it has received 100 clicks.

I will then follow this system for all new recipes that come out.

Food Blogging Promotion #58 – Forum Marketing

Nothing beats the old fashioned world of forum marketing. It has been around since forever. Actually it has been around that long that this is how I built subscribers to my first mailing list back in 2005.

Simply sign up to a quality forum in your niche, help the readers out and have your recipe url in your signature. Then you’ll be amazed by how much traffic it can bring you.

Food Blogging Promotion #59-60 – Answering Questions

A lot of people still don’t do this, but they should! There are a lot of question and answer sites out there and people have questions that they want answering all the time. Simply answer the questions and share your link.

The best two are:

Food Blogging Promotion #61 – Add it to your follow up sequence

Apart from sending out a broadcast to your list when you publish the recipe, what about for those that haven’t even joined your mailing list, or who were not interested at the time?

The perfect option is to send them an email follow up instead. Say for example it is follow up #10. This means that each time one of your subscribers hits message #10 they will be sent a message about your recipe. This is particularly great for future subscribers that you don’t have yet!

Food Blogging Promotion #62 – Add a signature to your mailing list

There is an option in Aweber and other email marketing providers to add your signature. This signature can then appear in front of all your subscribers for a certain length of time. I normally choose to highlight one for a month and then change it each month.

Food Blogging Promotion #63 – Create A Follow Up Blog Post

A follow up blog post is great because you can link back to the recipe and remind people about it. You could be talking about a similar recipe, providing cooking tips that relates to the recipe, or be talking about what you have eaten recently.

Either way link back to your recipe and you can then bring it back to life.

Food Blogging Promotion #64 – Round Up Post

A round up post is where you’re highlighting a specific topic and linking out. It is a great opportunity to get a lot of shares as you can feature other bloggers content and ask them to share away!

For example we did it with our ultimate butternut squash recipe. It was simply an opportunity to link out and get us some blog attention.

If you wanted to promote a specific recipe what I would suggest is that you do a post promoting a certain type of food. Such as “10 ways with butternut squash” and then you feature your butternut squash recipe first and then add to the post with other peoples posts.

Food Blogging Promotion #65 – Add Further Action To Your Posts

When you have read a blog post, you’ll often do something else afterwards. Whether it is click on links, Adsense, print the post or share on social media. But adding links at the end of the post is a great way to carry on the reading process.

Plus you can link out to other bloggers and let them know you’ve shared their content!!!

You can see ours at the end of this post!

Food Blogging Promotion #66 – Create A Julie Vs Julia Style Post

If you have created a recipe post that you would associate with the public domain then this is perfect for you! Say for arguments sake you have made chicken pot pie, well there is going to be other chicken pot pies that are a lot more famous than yours. Pick a celebrity chef or a food blogger that gets millions of readers and do a linked out post.

In this linked out post discuss the positives and negatives of the famous version, why yours is different and why people should cook both the recipes.

Food Blogging Promotion #67 – Interview Other Bloggers

This is a great way to stand out from the crowd. You interview another food blogger (someone that has a bigger following than you) and then you share that interview on your blog.

The other blogger and you are both promoting it and then you include your latest recipe in it.

Food Blogging Promotion #68 – Interact On Facebook Pages

Find a fellow blogger who has a really popular Facebook page. Then comment and answer the questions that people are asking. You’ll get good click throughs for this and people will love you for it.

And it is also a great opportunity to get in touch with the original blogger and connect with them!

Food Blogging Promotion #69 – Comment on similar recipes on Pinterest

Pinterest is full of recipes and there is bound to be lots of related pins to look through. Look through all recipes that are similar to yours and comment and interact with the original pinner.

Food Blogging Promotion #70 – Guest Infographic Submission

Guest posting has now become a thing of the past and what has now taken over is guest post submissions with an infographic.

You take the infographic that you’ve already created and contact fellow bloggers asking them if you can feature it on their blog.

Food Blogging Promotion #71-75 – Submit Everything Again To Social Media

Now this is really important and it is not just about your recipe post now, but about the recycled content you have created. The video you made, the podcast you created, the infographic and the ebooks.

They need to all be shared on your top social media channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus

Further Resources:

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Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of RecipeThis.com. They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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