10 Stages To Promoting Every Recipe Post

promote recipe post

You’ve done the hard work already and created yet another awesome recipe that you know that your readers are going to adore. It has taken you ages to put together and you’re really proud of your work.

But instead of moving straight on to the next recipe, you need to be promoting the one that you have already published.

But how?

Well in this blog post I will be sharing with you the ten stages of promotion that I do for every blog post that I publish:

#1 – Automatic sharing on Twitter

I have TwitterFeed.com set up. Whenever I hit the publish button on WordPress it will automatically post the blog post to Twitter. Plus it is totally free and only takes a couple of minutes to do.

#2 – Post to Pinterest

The next step is to post it to Pinterest. You need to choose a board that best fits your recipe and post it with a good quality description.

Try to avoid excessive amounts of hashtags as they don’t like it at Pinterest and maybe just add one or two. Pinterest is like its own search engine so you’ll be surprised by the amount of traffic that it can end up bringing you.

#3 – Post it to Google Plus

Google Plus is not as big as Pinterest & Twitter but it is still a good quality social media site. After doing Twitter & Pinterest I always post to Google Plus. You can also add some good hashtags on there and can get some good traffic from the site.

#4 – Post it to Instagram

I love Instagram but I find it annoying. I am not much of a fan of apps on mobile phones and I would much rather do it from the laptop like I do with my other social media accounts.

But I get fantastic interaction on Instagram and that’s what makes it worth doing.

Remember to add a few decent hashtags as you can go hashtag crazy on Instagram and you can get good social media results from adding 10 keywords.

#5 – Post it on Facebook

I love to manually post my content on Facebook. You can do it manually but it then chooses your image and things can go wrong when you do it that way.

I use the add photo option and then it will have the emphasis on the image and then you can add your description, url and tags.

#6 – Promote it on Reddit

Just like I showed you last week Reddit is very good for traffic. As long as you follow the rules of not just promoting you’ll do really well on there. If you’re blogging every day then target a particular post that you’ve put a lot of effort into that you would like to build extra traffic to. Or alternatively increase your engagement on Reddit so that you can promote more than one link in one week.

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There are also a lot of Reddit channels that allow you to promote recipe links and you should have a good look around to see what best suits you.

#7 – Share it on social bookmarking channels

There are plenty of social bookmarking channels that are worth a mention. Social bookmarking channels feel more like blogs than social media channels and are very good for getting Google to take note of your latest posts.

The ones we use are:






As well as promoting your blog posts to the social bookmarking sites above, we also recommend sharing the recipes from your posts to:



#8 – Share it on food sharing websites

Before social media the main source of traffic for food bloggers were food sharing sites. They don’t get the same level of traffic as what they used to, but they are very good getting attention for a new food blog.

My favourite ones are:






Though with Food Gawker they can be very strict compared to Taste Spotting. And Taste Spotting can bring you a great amount of traffic if you have good keywords in your tagging.

#9 – Share it on social media groups

Social media groups are very good for building traffic to your site when you don’t have much of a social media following yourself.

Google Plus is the quickest because you don’t need approval to be on them, Pinterest groups are amazing if you can get on some good groups and the ones on Facebook can take a lot of work to set up and get approved on, but once you are it is quick to share your content.

#10 – Repost it a week later on Twitter

I love the idea of posting my blog posts a week later on Twitter. By then you have a great opportunity to re-spread the word and unlike your original post you can now add some hashtags.

Twitter is very well known for its search facility and you can easily stick some good keywords in the updates and then bring extra traffic to your food blog.

If I was to choose just one thing to do when promoting my next recipe blog post I would say the social media groups as they can be amazing for traffic generation.

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